About Campaign Learning

What is Campaign Learning?

A marketing approach to learning that increases retention and business performance.

We use marketing communications within a company to appropriately and accurately promote courses and support the impact of your learning resources. Running campaigns designed to integrate with your learning resources to increase engagement and embed learning behaviours.

For L+D Departments

  • Improve business performance

  • Increase retention

  • Embed behaviours
  • Strengthen change initiatives and the impact of learning interventions
  • For Training Companies

  • Monitor and prove the impact of learning initiatives

  • Increase user numbers and completion rates

  • Increase the impact of your learning initiatives
  • Add value to each sale
  • How Does it Work?

    Your campaign learning resource has to work for you. We have developed a selection of assets to include in your campaign learning package. Starting from before the release of new courses right through to the post-completion, embedding of behaviours. Your resources will be designed to reflect the look and feel of the courses you are providing. We provide consultancy and support throughout the process, starting with developing a campaign that suits you.

    We work collaboratively to ensure your campaign links in with your brand, resources and courses. Your campaign will be coordinated so that all aspects are complementary to your products and services. They will consistently reflect the courses and resources they are promoting with a clarity that is unachievable through other methods.


    Face-to-face and digital face-time consultancy services to health check your learning provision.

    Talk through a business performance objective and how to embed behaviour changes using your learning resources. Discover your current engagement levels, the stumbling blocks and how to overcome them.

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    Working with you to develop campaign resources to increase the impact of your learning and improve business performance. Our team of expert designers, marketers and video techs can create visual print and digital resources, websites, videos and animations or set up your own video platform.

    A series of interactive, physical and digital communications to sit alongside a programme of learning interventions. Complete with built-in measurement, tracking and reporting systems.

    Full campaigns support specific learning interventions. We use resources to increase engagement, retention and embed the learning.

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    Our engagement platform provides you with the ability to manage your learning campaigns internally. We can set it up with access to a range of resources from video content, articles, online media and even your elearning content, to provide a seamless pre, during and post course campaign.

    With intuitive features and the ability to set up the tools to support specific learning interventions, you can take the learning to the learners without relying on them to login to your LMS.

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    What is Campaign Learning?

    The FLAG Model

    Products and Services




    Give us a call, email, or even a tweet. We will arrange an initial call with you followed by a face to face with Issy Nancarrow, MD and Jenny Mawhood, Project Manager. This is to establishing what your campaign needs to do for you and the resources required.

    We also run free 15 minute consultancy sessions that are available on Friday afternoons with Issy Nancarrow. We recommend that you come with a specific set of questions, challenge or project to focus on. These will be run through 2016 and available to all.


    We hope that you won’t want to. However, if for some reason you need to cancel a campaign that is no problem at all. You will be billed for services rendered to date and products purchased.

    If we have mapped out a long-term project spanning over a number of months, there will be a finalising and closing down period which will be clearly outlined in your contract.


    Yes of course! We work with you through the initial set up of your campaign to integrate the campaign into your learning resources and systems.

    Following the set up period you are welcome to give us a call between 9 and 5 on weekdays. If there is no one available to help you at that moment we shall call you back as soon as the right person becomes available.


    For those extra special projects run but super-star L+D folk who can show how Campaign Learning has benefitted them, we will print you your own, specially designed T-Shirt.

    Eligible case studies will be shown on our site and if you like we will make you famous on social media too!


    Contact our team to book your free consultancy session or just find out more about how we can help