Increasing Learner Engagement – Get more clicks!

While we might hope that investing in great elearning would solve many of our training needs, we all-too-often see lack ...
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Rock Climbing, Learning and Success

You may have noticed from our social media pages, that several members of the Campaign Learning team enjoy throwing themselves ...
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5 Rules for Creating a Learning Campaign

For learning and development, the main task has to be to enact behaviour change. In order to achieve this, we ...
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Create learning campaigns that have impact

Improving performance starts with awareness. A campaign based learning initiative can make sure your message has reach and makes a ...
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Campaign Learning at LT16

Managing Director of marketing consultancy Nancarrow Partnerships, and founder of Campaign Learning, Issy Nancarrow discusses Campaign Learning at Learning Technologies ...
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The Value of Marketing Techniques in Learning & Development

How many times do you come across an advert for Coca-Cola during your day? Some say it’s as often as ...
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Approaches to Campaign Learning

An exciting, new approach to increasing engagement and the effects of learning: Campaign Learning. But how does it work? Who ...
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Marketing for learners: Why your learning tech company should listen

The role of marketing has travelled through a variety of meanings in recent years. Not so long ago, it was ...
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Addictive Engagement in Learning – LPI Webinar

Our MD, Issy Nancarrow discusses ways to increase engagement and retention in your learning courses and resources. It is necessary ...
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How Marketing Insights Can Increase eLearning Engagement

As marketing experts, we understand that having a great product does not ensure business success and the same can be ...
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Campaign Learning: An Approach for Compliance Initiatives

Most seasoned L&D professionals will have encountered compliance initiatives that they know are merely box-ticking exercises. Compliance training has a ...
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Digital Marketing Priorities for Providers in 2017

As a learning provider, you’re likely to be focused on scheduling training, updating your content and checking on your learning ...
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Marketing in learning and development – a charity success story

As a young pup in learning and development, or “training” as it was back in the day, if you’d told ...
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Improve performance with internal communications

Communicating a message well is as important as the message itself. Your staff are some of the more important targets ...
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The forgetting curve and campaign approach to remembering learning

Despite huge strides in the development of engaging learning delivery, processes and platforms, some fundamental challenges underlie most learning provisions ...
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seo for trainers

Social Media to Impact SEO – Tips for Learning Providers

Having a website to promote your training business is essential, but is it visible? How do your clients find the ...
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Memory and Learning Tips

Following an insightful LPN/CLO Connect session from Dr Julia Shaw on memory and learning, we’ve been relating her research to ...
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campaign learning

On the Campaign Learning Trail

This month Issy Nancarrow shares her marketing expertise with the learning sector, discussing the benefits of Campaign Learning in The Training ...
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marketing automation

What you should know about marketing automation in L&D – Training Journal

What is marketing automation and how can we apply the principles and technology to internal comms to support learning engagement, ...
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TJ Wow webinar with Issy Nancarrow

TJ Wow Webinar on Communication

Is communication the most important competency for an L&D professional? On this discussion webinar was Join Neville Pritchard, ceo of ...
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What is Campaign Learning? – Training Journal

Marketing is a powerful tool to improve the impact of learning, improve knowledge retention and staff performance. Though it must ...
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Do we Really Understand Learner Engagement? – Training Journal

'Engagement’ is a common phrase and a common challenge bounded around in the industry. But what does it really mean? ...
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Using Marketing to Engage Learners – The Charity Learning Consortium

Issy Nancarrow shows how great marketing can engage consumers, with tips to harness these techniques for L&D. Tools and approaches ...
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