Create learning campaigns that have impact

Create learning campaigns that have impact

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Improving performance starts with awareness. A campaign based learning initiative can make sure your message has reach and makes a lasting impact. In learning and development, the main task is to enact behaviour change.

Sometimes budgets and time constraints can lead to box ticking exercises rather than real change. To get you back on track we have some top tips for using marketing approaches to create a learning campaign that really has an impact.


Branding your learning initiative can really have an impact and encourage learners to engage. A good brand creates trust and can inspire an emotional reaction, those reactions are very real influencers. Having a strong brand is like turning the learning or company logo into a flag the rest of the company can rally around.


We’re all familiar with email overload so if you think you can just send a few email reminders to support your learning you may be disappointed. The key is to send your message through as many channels as you can and to make your message stand out from the crowd. A good brand and targeted assets like posters and videos as well as company social forums can make your email campaign welcome and not just more noise.


Gathering data from e-learning, quizzes, internet research, email and social interactions is now possible and gives you an amazing insight into your learners’ engagement.


Now that you know what your employees are engaged with, and maybe even what makes them disengage you can adapt your campaign to target the things you know really work. Keep your goals in mind and make sure you’re on the right track throughout the campaign.

How we can help

  • Tap into our knowledge about marketing and learning. We offer face-to-face and digital face-time consultancy services. Talk through a business performance objective and how to embed behaviour changes using your learning resources.
  • Designing a campaign plan. This might include what assets you’ll need, how and when to communicate your message, how to segment your communications and how to track and respond to the data collected.
  • Developing assets and resources to achieve impact. This might be helping to create a brand for your campaign or may come down to creating specific assets including posters, videos, animations, microsites, webinars, magazines, expert podcasts, social media channels, interactive PDFs and email campaigns.
  • Managing, deploying and evaluating. We can actively manage everything, from creating the campaign and curating content to analysing all data and adjusting messaging and assets to ensure the campaign delivers results.

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