Marketing in learning and development – a charity success story

Marketing in learning and development – a charity success story

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As a young pup in learning and development, or “training” as it was back in the day, if you’d told me that having a marketing strategy would improve the function of what I was doing I’d have looked at you like you had three eyes and green hair.

As a member of the Charity Learning Consortium I regularly attend their events in London where a variety of speakers and thought leaders present on a range of topics. A number of months ago Issy Nancarrow of Nancarrow Partnerships presented on marketing in L&D. She began by asking us to identify points of contact and I began wondering if she’d lost the plot. This was a room of L&D professionals after all, didn’t she realise she was in the wrong event?

As the discussion went on a penny so large dropped that I’m surprised it didn’t knock me out…

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Passionate and driven founder and MD of Nancarrow Partnerships and Campaign Learning. Issy is a consultant for the LPI and has extensive experience in marketing and Learning & Development.

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