Learning Campaign

Full campaigns support specific learning interventions. We use resources to increase engagement, retention and embed the learning; whilst collecting data to analyse and prove the impact of your learning intervention.

What is a learning campaign?

A whole campaign to sit around your learning increases engagement, knowledge retention and improves business performance. A campaign consists of a series of planned and structured communications directed at the learners. These campaigns start from before the learning begins to highlight the relevance and context as well as incentives to participate. During and following the intervention, a learning campaign embeds behaviours, puts them into context and records staff behaviour changes.

Who is it for?

It is for all of those who are identified participants in the learning intervention. Many choose to segment their campaigns into different audiences, so that messages and regularity of communication can be adapted as appropriate. These may be adapted for geographic areas, languages, departments or certain roles.

When is it Important?

A campaign approach in principle supports all learning resources. However a specific campaign approach is most successful when aligned to a specific objective, such as a major company change in regulations or software, compliance regulations or the launch of a new product.

How does it benefit the organisation?

It puts an added punch into your learning initiative. Campaigns are carefully structured to increase engagement from before the intervention even starts, getting course numbers up and putting staff in the right mind set to actively engage with the learning. It provides intrigue, incentives and context. A thorough campaign then is mapped out to continue during and after this intervention to support the embedding of that learning in the work place. The ability to then track changes in behaviours provides real evidence, illustrated with analytics tools to show organisational impact.



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