5 Rules for Creating a Learning Campaign

5 Rules for Creating a Learning Campaign

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For learning and development, the main task has to be to enact behaviour change. In order to achieve this, we must ensure that our message is targeted, increases awareness and has a lasting impact.

Often budget and time constraints lead to box-ticking exercises rather than learning interventions with lasting outcomes for business performance. To help you understand how a marketing expert could provide the insight you need to engage learners and inspire behaviour change just think about how brands engage consumers to buy products.

Marketing is never just one advert, video or piece of content. Marketers create campaigns that build trust, repeat their message in the places their target audience frequent and provide calls to action for consumers to act upon.

If you want your learners to engage with your brand the way a loyal customer would, you’ll need to employ some marketing techniques.

Here are our top 5 rules to follow for creating a marketing style learning campaign:

    Brands help people engage, create trust and can inspire an emotional response that influences behaviour and decision making. Create a brand for your learning initiative that employees can relate to, that sends the message and tells a story they can believe in. If you can do this well you can not only get the information and knowledge to your employees that they need to do a good job but also create a culture of learning, achievement and engagement with your company values that will shine through to your customers.
    Sending your message through as many channels as possible will make it stand out in the crowded communications world of your employees. We all suffer from email overload so it’s important that your communications are delivered through targeted assets such as posters, videos or the intranet. If you’ve created a strong brand when your messages are sent by email they’ll stand out and be remembered. Make it easy for learners to access the information they need in just a few clicks by promoting and curating content that they would find useful and ensuring your system for delivering that content actually works.
    Speak in a language your learners can understand and relate to. The campaign must be relevant and in context so the messages are easy to digest. You may want to provide information in small bites that are easy to put into practice in the workplace.
    Like any effective campaign, your messages must speak to the viewer, using the language, imagery and interaction that resonates with them.
    The mountain of data you can collect will give insight into learning styles, engagement and individual development. It’s now possible to track engagement with emails, video, image and written content as well as internet research and results of quizzes. Before you start your campaign, think about what information you want to gather and the tools you’ll need to collect and analyse the data.
    Once you’ve looked over the data from your communications and learning provisions you’ll have a clear idea of what your employees are engaged with and hopefully, what makes them disengage. It’s important to keep a close eye on how your campaign is going throughout your communications so that you can adapt your messages and points-of-contact. Depending on your available resources and data you may want to segment your communications based on individual engagement patterns, delivering the message in one way for a set group of learners and another way for a different group. Use of marketing automation tools can be useful for this.

How the team at Campaign Learning can help


Tap into our knowledge about marketing and learning. We offer face-to-face and digital consultancy services. We can talk through a business performance objective and how to embed behaviour changes using your learning resources, identify gaps in your provision and help you to fill them.

Campaign Planning

Designing a campaign plan. This might include what assets you’ll need, how and when to communicate your message, how to segment your communications and how to track and respond to the data collected.


Developing assets and resources to achieve impact. Our expert team can assist you in creating a for your training provision or campaign. We can develop specific assets including posters, videos, animations, microsites, webinars, magazines, expert podcasts, social media channels, interactive PDFs and email campaigns.

Full Campaigns

Managing, deploying and evaluating. We can actively manage everything, from creating the campaign and curating content to analysing all data and adjusting messaging and assets to ensure the campaign delivers results


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