Approaches to Campaign Learning

Approaches to Campaign Learning

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An exciting, new approach to increasing engagement and the effects of learning: Campaign Learning. But how does it work? Who is it for? When is it needed?

Learning never ends, as such a set course should be allowed to live on and the learning to continue. The pre- and post-course environment, is a crucial investment period. The vital times, before and after the learning actually takes place, have a drastic impact on the effectiveness of the learning process and business performance.

Campaign Learning is an adaptable concept; it fits the situation and is flexible for the needs of the organization and their learners. From a compact, off-the-shelf solution that packs some serious punch to a fully customised and immersive programme, marketing is appropriate for all learning and training situations and Campaign Learning is a ground-breaking new formula for achieving this success.

If your learning package is soft-skills based and difficult to measure against essential business objectives, you’ll likely have found yourself wondering how to increase engagement and impact of the training resource. Designed as a pre-made bolt-on to your eLearning products and online resources, Campaign Learning meets this need. With a tried and tested process for increasing awareness, engagement and participation, this solution increases completion rates and embeds behaviour change. With the ability to track these changes.

In contrast, your culture change or new regulations may require a shift in behaviours. Which would require a full, bespoke Campaign Learning. The importance of regulatory and compliance training dictates that investing in effective learning is necessary; the added-benefit from marketing the effective learning and allowing it to take the impact of your learning resources to the next stage of learning integration.

A custom campaign learning package can be made for your learners and your organisation. With the upside of supporting engagement and embedding behaviors of your bespoke learning resources, from social learning engagement and discussion to high-completion rates in profit-maximizing training.

Studies have shown, of 500 messages received in a working day, an employee will address 50 and memorise 10. (who? – Centre for Professional Advancement.?)

When you need your learning and development to be one of those ten messages – one of the few messages that is seen, heard, understood and remembered – you need campaign learning.

Learning is a product and employees are customers; marketing your product is a natural process and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the same in learning and development.


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Issy Nancarrow

Passionate and driven founder and MD of Nancarrow Partnerships and Campaign Learning. Issy is a consultant for the LPI and has extensive experience in marketing and Learning & Development.