Increasing Learner Engagement – Get more clicks!

Increasing Learner Engagement – Get more clicks!

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While we might hope that investing in great elearning would solve many of our training needs, we all-too-often see lack of engagement or lacklustre use of the resources provided. Often staff will engage initially, completing a few modules following requests from managers, but drift off and never finish the training.

So how can we increase staff engagement with learning resources including elearning?

With a background in marketing, we understand the best tricks used to engage and inspire action in consumers and we can take that experience and apply it to the learning function for great results. Our experts wanted to share their top tips for increasing clicks on elearning courses by assessing your system functionality and making the most of a campaign approach to engage learners.

Take a look at our infographic below for a quick guide on how to get more clicks on your courses and if you would like to listen to the recent LPI webinar with Issy Nancarrow click the link at the bottom of this post.


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Having a decent search function is crucial (and surprisingly rare). With a good system in place for staff to find the resources they need, engagement will increase. Check your course tagging and category system and think about what staff will be searching for when looking for a course.

Typically, it helps to consider what challenge they might be facing that has prompted them to search for the course.


The number of clicks it takes learners to reach the content is still one of the top barriers to learners accessing learning.

Take a look at the design of your system and how user-friendly it is. Learners should be able to navigate easily to a course that is relevant to them. Navigational aids like arrows, icons and buttons should be well designed, clearly visible and placed appropriately so that learners engage with content at the right moment.


Check out the way shops like amazon target buyers with recommendations. Make sure you have a system that has the function to manage playlists or recommended topics. These can be based on job titles as well as recent activity.

In marketing we think about engagement as a journey, we must shepherd consumers along a predetermined path and build a relationship with them to enable engagement and action. As a learning manager, you’ll need to take disinterested learners and transform them into active, engaged learners. Think about the milestones on the journey from awareness to interest and action and you’ll see the moments where you could add messaging for recommendations.


Review the points-of-contact you have with learners. These can be department managers, emails or intranet systems. Identify where the gaps are that need to be filled and work towards creating a whole campaign to support interest and engagement with your learning resources.

Stop and think about all the ways you can connect with your staff, how you can increase the presence of your message and track what works best for each person or department. The points-of-contact available to you range from modern digital displays to posters in restrooms. Don’t limit yourself by communicating only via email or intranet, but use a variety of mediums to reach out to staff and enable them to respond to begin a conversation.


Marketing automation systems have significantly more functionality than your work email. If your IT department will allow it, it’s worth checking out some free software options to help you in sending out more engaging promotional emails, content recommendations or drip feed content.

In marketing we rarely create one advert, we produce a campaign that builds on our message and we target that message – as much as possible – to individuals or groups of people we need to engage.

There are some great tools out there that allow you to segment your list of learners and send them more targeted messages that really engage. Take a closer look at Mailchimp, Drip or Leadsius that all allow for better targeting in your communications.

Here’s the recording link for the Issy Nancarrow webinar, which went well:


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