Rock Climbing, Learning and Success

Rock Climbing, Learning and Success

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You may have noticed from our social media pages, that several members of the Campaign Learning team enjoy throwing themselves up rock faces of a weekend. Everybody has a hobby, or at least would like to have the time for one! The best hobbies push us out of our comfort zones and really show us what we can achieve, just like great learning programmes.

No matter what your hobby is or how strong your drive for it is, every time you engage in your chosen pursuit you’re developing your skill and if that pursuit involves other people you’re probably improving your team working skills too.

Rock climbing gives me a great sense of achievement, time spent in nature and affords some great lunch spots with spectacular views. As I was sat at the top of a rock face on a recent ascent, I got to thinking about all the ways even a short climbing session could teach mountains of lessons.


Being in the learning and development sphere I’d love to share some of these with you today!

Overcoming fears

Rock climbing, even for the most adept climber is about overcoming fear. For most hobby climbers this is largely overcome by ensuring you’re using the right gear, checking each other’s set ups and coming to realise that the bolts, the gear, the rope and your climbing companions support every move you make on the rock face. Trust is everything! Once we discover that it is, in fact safe, we can relax and concentrate on having good technique for making it to the top.

Communicating and working as a team



Communication is vital to ensure the safety of everyone at a climbing event and a little reassurance can help some climbers overcome those fears we mentioned. If you encounter a group of climbers you’ll find an efficient, forward planning team, working together to achieve a common goal. Some climbers can see their next move and seem to easily scale the heights of the rock face, while others need the help of those on the ground to guide their possible shifts in position. Especially for new climbers or those who don’t often get a chance to practice, working together is key to achieving the summit. In LandD communication is just as important and when compliance issues come into play it’s vital for your business that your team communicate and work as a team.

Considering your options

Sometimes when we’re gripping onto a tiny ledge on a seemingly flat rock face there can appear to be nowhere to go. You question your route and ultimately figure out the next move, either on your own or with help of your team or partner. Considering your next move and the viability of getting to the top from there is important and some forward planning is going to help you along the way!

The effects of success


As we reach the top there’s no denying the energy surge we feel, especially on completing a route at the top of our skill level. The first really challenging climb I completed many years ago caused me to have vivid dreams about the moment of success for days. It perhaps doesn’t seem so exciting, but experiencing success at work or during a learning initiative can have a similar effect and leave the learner with plenty to think about.

Making space for hobbies is a great way to keep us entertained and one of the reasons we love them so much is because we learn from them and we achieve. At work, it is so important to feel that we are progressing and that we have the skills and support to do our job well.


To ensure your team is working together, implement a robust internal comms campaign to promote a positive company culture. Your staff will be more engaged, work better together and participate well in your learning programmes if you can entertain them in the way their favourite hobbies can.


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