Engagement Platform

Wish you had your own internal TED but relevant for your organisation? We have an engagement platform tool to enable this. It was initially designed for video but can do so much more.

Access an extensive range of leadership courses or curate your own content

What’s the learning video and engagement platform for?

Our engagement platform provides a tool for you to manage bite-sized video content and other resources, providing learning snippets for the staff in your organisation. You can set up playlists for specific functions such as induction or leadership skills, to encourage continuous learning that staff can access in the office or while travelling.

The Campaign Function

The platform has built in automated campaign capabilities. This means that you can time the release of playlists for different departments. It may be that you wish to send out weekly learning snippets. Or you may want to automate the course renewals for compliance related learning. This tool makes it quick and easy to manage. You can set up a library of content, including video, resources, and even link to your elearning content, providing seamless pre and post course promotion capabilities.

Content Library

The platform provides access to an extensive range of leadership skills courses. These have been created by experts across the globe and provide quick learning bites, hints and tips on an extensive range of leadership topics. We also provide specific additional resources, animations and additional video libraries, to meet more specific needs.

Create your own Content

You can upload any content you wish into the system, from videos to documents, articles and online resources. It may be that you take documents and videos from other sources online and wish to upload them to include them as a company learning resource. Or you can create your own content and upload it.



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