Learning & Development Health Check

We take a look at your current engagement levels, the stumbling blocks and how to overcome them.

UX and Accessibility of Learning

We take a look under the bonnet of your learning resources to see how staff are engaging with them. These highlight important areas such as where people are dropping off before finding or completing a course. We take a look at your initiatives and goals as a department and how your resources can be more supportive and effective for you and your staff.

Where you are Losing People

We take a look at how you are engaging people, where that is working, and where it can be tweaked to be more effective. These are based on your ‘points-of-contact’ with your learners as well and the means of communications you use. We provide handy tips and resources to help you along your way.

Learning Impact Analysis

We use analytics to assess learner engagement and we speak to you about your insights from working within the organisation. Our learning impact analysis specifically focuses on the engagement and outcomes of your learning, based on your business objectives. We take a marketing approach to this by looking at the means and levels to which you are connecting with the learners and how they are responding to the learning.

Branding & Messaging

We take a look at the raw material and messages of your communications, from the names of the courses to the wording of email communications. Working with you, we provide advice, tips and recommendations to provide a more engaging campaign approach and to draw people into the learning resources, through incentives.

One Day Consultancy

Our one-day package is based at your place of work. We talk to you about your current means of communications and potential untapped means of communication internally. We work through recommendations for you to take forwards as to how to implement a campaign approach in your organisation.

Bespoke Package

Each organisation has its own unique means of engaging with the learner, based on what is suitable for your environment as well as the resources you have access to. Our bespoke consultancy takes a deeper look into your resources and how you can implement a campaign learning approach to increase engagement, retention and support business performance. We work through a plan suited for your current needs.



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