Website Design & Development

We develop areas unlike the LMS to support the sharing of learning, curation and interaction. We design these using software to suit your needs and provide user friendly, modern learning tools.

Capabilities and Functionality

We build digital platforms to engage learners. These are built to suit your requirements. They can be as simple as a resource to share and curate learning. Or they can be as sophisticated as a campaign management tool to coordinate pre and post course promotional material, bite-sized learning and analytics.


We design these sites to suit your brand and reflect the look and feel of the courses that you are promoting. These designs can be as basic or as complex as you require. If you just need a responsive web platform with on-brand colours these are quick to turn around. Or if you need design to help with the user experience of the platform and functionality, we can go into more depth.

UX Design

It is essential to get user experience right, to support engagement. We put considerable thought into the design, structure and user experience of all our sites and campaigns, throughout our work. This is particularly notable with websites as the number of clicks from login to accessing the resource you need, is crucial and ideally never more than 4.

Website Support

We hand over our sites to you so that you own and have control over the content once it has been set up. We make sure that you have a user friendly interface that you fully understand and we will support you with this. Having said that, for those that want more support, we are happy to help. We provide ongoing support for our platform projects. This allows our clients to adapt and develop their site as necessary. We also provide and recommend that you sign up to our UX analytics tools to monitor user engagement.



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